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Braking In Moto2.


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I was watching the recent Moto2 race at Austin and noticed the bikes slid about a fair bit under braking.


In close up shots of riders, i could see them grabbing rather than applying the brakes and it did not seem smooth at all.Can someone explain braking in Moto2 to me...what makes them grab the brakes like that? Is that what unsettles the bikes so much as they enter turns?


Has anybody made any other observations regarding Moto2?

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IMHO the whole moto2 tire + brembo setup makes it linear enough for them to "grab" it
Racing tarmac (particularly new tracks like Austin) also has a much higher friction coefficient; the riders are riding on the edge, and if grabbing the brakes does not cause serious problems, it can help with their time and lines
;they can be much more aggressive so to speak


just my 2C

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