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Turning To The Apex

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I think he's asking how to know how much to turn the bike, and how far to lean it over in a corner?


Well, experienced racers use their knee to feel the ground (and sometimes to hold the bike up) in a corner so that they do not lean over too far and lose the tire, but this is usually not advisable for the street (man you could hit one of those little reflective dots with your knee! Ouch!) other than that I can't think of anything usefull to tell you to know how far to lean it, it really depends on the type of corner and your bike and what kind of tires you have, I guess it's just an experience thing, start out slow and keep doing it till you have an intuitive feel for how far you should lean the bike. Sounds like you should take the level 1 suberbike school course! :)

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