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How To Install The S1000Rr Data Logger

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I wrote up these instructions for a friend who needed to install one of these on her HP4. I thought it would be nice to add it here in case anybody else needed the "how to". These instructions are not "the factory way" but I did do a bit of research in the S1000RR forums to see how other people were doing theirs.


Step 1: Take the instruction manual and put it back in the box. The instruction's include directions on removing the seat and license plate bracket and tail from the bike and the cable snakes up the side of the tail and looks unsightly. This method is cleaner and easier but is not the factory way.

Step 2: Remove passengers seat.

Step 3: Locate the larger of two connectors tie wrapped to the frame rail. Cut the tie wrap and remove the resistor plug from the end of the connector.

Step 4: Plug the datalogger into this cable. It can only go one way. Make sure you hear it click when you plug it in.

Step 5: Plug the resistor into the other end of the datalogger. Also a one way deal and you want to hear it click when it is plugged in.

Step 6: Route the cables and mount the GPS sensor on the tail. Velcro included in the kit.

Step 7: Add some tie wraps to keep everything secure and to keep the cables from moving. You are done!


I routed the my cables around the space in the very front of the tail and used a tie wrap around one of the passenger seat brackets to secure the cable and keep it from moving around. I replaced the tie wrap around the original connector and put it back in it's original position.

Once you have the data logger installed the blue light on the front of the unit will flash when the bike is on. The first time you use it the software will not recognize the USB key on the computer. You have to put the key into the datalogger after you have started the bike and blipped the throttle a few times to get some data so it will write to the USB drive. The blue light will go solid as the unit is writing the data. Now the key will work with the BMW software. Not sure why but that's what happened with mine.

Also. It's worth noting! Before you use the software there are several online updates. You can get to the updates through an update menu in the software. There's actually 2 updates so run the updater until it does not have any more updates (there may be more or less depending on what happens in the future when you read this article). It's also a good idea to rename your datalogger to something you recognize and to make sure that the datalogger is running the firmware flash specific to your bike. It's in the options menu of the main screen.

To flash the device just plug in the USB key to your computer. Select the options menu so the software will put the firmware on the key. When you get to the bike insert the key with the ignition off. Switch the bike on but don't start it. The light will go solid and then blink and then go solid again. Let it sit until the light flashes blue again. You are done. Shut the bike off and turn it back on again with the key removed.


Here are some photos of my install.


Under the Passengers Seat




Outside View




I hope this saves someone a bit of time.

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None that I'm currently aware of otherwise I would have not done the install this way. I also notice that in a few of the BMW sanctioned videos that the datalogger is installed this way. If you look close you will notice the Datalogger on Nate Kern's (BMW test rider) bike installed this way. Either way will work of course but my preference is not having a black wire traveling up the side of my white tail. My other concern was having a wire that could get caught on something or having it flapping in the breeze at high speed.


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One thing I just ran into. The 2014+ firmware for the datalogger had some issues on my bike a 2014 S1000RR. For some reason the data I was getting was a bit skewed showing me revving up to 20K rpm. Going to the 2012+ version of the datalogger firmware resolved this for me. My bike may be down rev on it's systems software. I'm going to bring this up to my dealer the next time I am in for service.


If you are getting impossible data try switching to the earlier firmware. It just takes a few minutes to change it.

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