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Another Thanks To Css

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just wanted to say thanks to all the staff....completed level 2 and 3 at the ridge july 14/15th.your all awesome.special thanks to cobie for taking my wife on a two-up ride.and will for feedback on suspension and to my two on track coaches steve and gerry.you all played a big part for making worthwhile...see ya guys next year.lu

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for most of it it was a lot of good reminders....but,have learned a lot of bad habits over the years from other hmm hmm schools.lol.body positioning and less input into the bars proved to be much more comfortable and less energy used.

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I've attended up to Level III with CSS and have found the school to be a great experience. I only do about 3-5 track days per year, surely not as many as I would like, mostly in the midwest. At one of my track days last year, I was riding along when a rider ahead of me decided to change his line to the outside -- as I was about to pass him there. All I saw was grass and a bit of rumble strip. And it was weird, Keith Code's voice came into my head and told me to remain calm, and just ride the rumble strip. Which I did, and I stayed out of the grass.


Corny story as it is, it reiterates my belief that your school has made me a better rider and has helped me to appreciate more the joy of riding a motorcycle. I hope all of you are well.


Keep up the good work.

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