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New 2 The Scene..need Input.?.?


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Hey my name is Will, Im 19 and chatting to you out of Northern Washington. I've always been drawn to motorcycles. Ever since I was little I wanted one, I first started out on dirt with my very first dirt bike....But my interest soon grew to the asphalt. Ive waited years to get my very own street bike and just two months ago it did. I was able to get a brand new Yamaha R6. I love it, and have been pushing myself to learn new things....

The main reason why I posted here was because Im looking for help. I would really like to getting into circuit racing, but I dont know how to get started. If theres any one that might want to help me, some helpful hints, experiences, what to expect..... things like that. It would be greatly appreciated.




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find the nearest race track, find out who hosts the track days and sign/pay up. This is a great site for theory but, applying what you get here is what you've got to do. Meet other cornering fanatics and ride baby ride!! Practice Practice practice !! Unless you can afford to fix that new R6 I'd be thinking about getting something for the track only. Wear all of that safety gear ALWAYS!! I've been down twice, less than two blocks from the house, not doing a thing. By that I mean I wasn't hanging a corner or speeding or anything riscky. I was just riding to the store for smokes the first time and milk the second. I wore all my gear and walked away without a scratch. Wish I could say the same for my bike.

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Dude! Welcome to the family! Wanna learn a buttload of info, save yourself buckets of crash damage and be right on the ball, as well as making friends with a whole bunch of people you'll wanna know for all sorts of reasons? (places to sleep, food, free gate pass, all sorts of inside info and if they like you favors you can't imagine (and YEAAAH, all sorts of favors (oh, the stories i could tell!)) .......


Pull on some whites and GO CORNERWORK!!! In fact, spend a year doing Keith Code, cornerworking, and maybe a track day or three. THEN spend money on race entries and you will be miles ahead of the pack. And a MAJOR DUDE on the community scene. And yes corner workers pick up other corner workers faster and help you bump start, first dibs on the ambulance and course control will look the other way....no, not really. but...(yeah, really). ;)

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here's the worst case scenario i've seen SOO many times...


Joe turns up at his first race weekend, takes the local school one time, gets his provisional license, and spends his last dime entering races and buying new tires and race gas cause he knows he needs them...


fast forward to Joe getting bumped off in turn one, on his way to the hospital...his truck, trailer and stuff 300 miles from home and a cornerworker cruising the paddock with joe's keys asking if anyone knows this squid Joe well enuf to drive his stuff home. Poor Joe. Broke, broken and bummed. Maybe he gets it all together to try again...someday. Maybe.


Don't let this be you, DUDE!

1. Must have insurance!

2. Must have friends at track!

3. Must have crash plan because it ain't a matter of if, it's a matter of when and how bad. Sad but true. Actually, I'm the only person in the world with a wall of trophies who never crashed in a race. But that's me....for mere mortals...be prepared.

4. Must cornerwork!

5. And at the very least, buy, read and memorize Twist of the Wrist. BEFORE you go to the track. And pay attention while you cornerwork.


Actually, if memory serves, there were some clubs making cw'ing mandatory to get a license....hmmm... what a capitol idea! ;)


Go do it.

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Oh, not to plug the editor, but...Roadracing World will be an invaluable source and a good place to find where the @$^#! the nearest racetrack is. There are lists of clubs, organizations, and schedules. Check out the website...




It is our bible of who, what, where and when.


just kidding john (u should have published my last story.......) :P

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