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Ninja 250 Ok For Barber?

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Pondering signing up for Barber in Sept and was wondering if a Ninja 250 would be ok. Have a Bandit 1200, but would prefer the lighter, smaller bike.


What preparation should I expect to make on the bike to pass a tech inspection? (the link provided in a previous post is no longer available). Has new tires already. :)




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The 250 would be fine for Barber. Barber is a pretty tight track with a lot of corners and a 250 woudl probably be a lot of fun on that track. You might have a hard time trying to pass other bikes due to the lack of power but if that isn't a concern for you then I see no problem riding a 250 at Barber.


As for bike prep, You don?t really need to do anything to your bike before the school except make sure it has good tires (90% tread) and is not leaking anything. However, I would recommend you check the chain tension and go over the bike real well to make sure there are no mechanical issues. It would stink to have mechanical problem spoil you time at the school. When you get to the school we will tape the mirrors and light and set you tire pressure for you as well as go over the bike. When you sign up for the school there is a sheet in the packet you get the details what is required for bike prep, take a look at that just in case I missed something.

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Cool. Thanks!


Spoke to one bud that has taken all four of the courses as well as raced at Barber and he recommended the Bandit. He did say that either would probably be fine and that the learning experience (which is the ultimate goal) would not be hindered by one vs the other.


Another bud raced 250's in California and he also recommended the Bandit due to suspension (or lack thereof) on the 250.


Both commented that nothing is worse than not being able to pass someone who has a bigger bike that can blow you away on the straights, but parks in the turns and honestly, I'm taking the course to learn about the turning part, not the going fast on straights. :)


Thanks for the response. Now if there are any spare openings at Barber (signed up today), I'll finally get to ride on a track!



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