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Newbie Tyre Selection

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Hi guys

signed up for level 1 in UK

i have a 1000 rr 04 currently running on battlax 023 for commuting this is my first fast bike

i have no problem with these tyres hovewer i will be replacing them soon and i will be commuting by car more than my bike



i want a set of tyres and i want

them to last more than 3000 miles

them to be good for wet

to get my knee down as well

and do occasianla track days


what would your tyre recommendation would be


bridgestone t30


Michelin pilot 3 or 4 is what i have been recommended so far

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How about Dunlop Q3's? They heat up fast. Have a good amount of grip and as a student you get a discount off of the price if you buy them through the school. The discount is pretty decent from what I understand.


My 2014 BMW S1000RR has just over 2400 miles on it and 9 track days. The dealer swapped the tires for me to Q3's before I took delivery. The Q3's perform well in the rain both on the road and track. Q3's have a slightly more "pointy" shape to them for faster turn in. After 9 track days and some street riding they still have a LOT of life left in them.


I think the Q3 is a great tire myself. One word of advice if you go with the Q3. Ignore the pressure recommended by the bike manufacturer. I usually run track pressures on the street with 1-2PSI added if I am noticing too much center wear. Setting the Q3's to the BMW pressure on the bike makes it a bit twitchy for my taste.


Because I'm trying to explore a bit more I'm going to be moving to the Pirelli Supercorsa SP next season. This is the factory provided tire for the BMW HP4 and if I understand correctly a lot of the traction control programming was done using this tire.

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I'm a bit biased, but I don't think you can find a better do-it-all well tire than the Q3, especially for the price. Tons of grip in all conditions and good wear to boot. And like rchase said, they warm up quickly. I don't think you'll be disappointed.




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I put the Sportsmart on my R1 '03 a couple of seasons ago. I use the bike mainly for leisure riding (twisties) as I have an R6 for trackdays. However I used the R1 for 2 CSS school days in Sweden, and found that even when the tires a stone cold, there was grip enough to do brief knee-downs on the first lap out of the pits, with no wiggling at all.


Mind you, these have now been replaced by the Sportsmart2's, which undoubtedly will be an even better tire. I do not know their longevity, since I haven't replaced them yet (due to lack of riding in '12-'14).

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