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Harley On The Track?

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Id like to take one of your classes in cornering and was wondering if I would be to out of place on a 1200 sportster? My lean angle wouldnt be what the other bikes have, and I wouldnt have as much straight away speed. Also would loud pipes be Ok on the track are would I need to put in quieter baffles? :huh: Would love to be able to lean over a little farther in the twistys.

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I recently purchased a Suzuki VS1400 (my first cruiser) & can say my riding has improved ALOT. Reasons are the things that make it a cruiser (poor suspension, flexy chassis, LOOOONG wheel base, poor brakes limited ground clearance ect... made me get HAVE to get used to feeling the bike be all over the place which forced me to be smoother & more presice in braking & chosing my lines. When I get off that & back on my ZX I found I could push it more than I thought. Sorta like the batter swinging with 3 bats in the dugout before he's up to bat.

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