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Helmet Specs, Back Pad / Air Vest For 2015

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I have seen that the new Snell 2015 helmets are now coming out. What are the specs (Snell, European etc.) for this upcoming 2015 track schedule? I have a Forcefield back pad and just purchase a Helite air vest that has a light back pad, BUT if one comes off the motorcycle the tether opens the CO2 cartridge which opens in milliseconds offering one protection on the front and back as well as holding the neck steady. Would the Helite be accepted and could the tether be connected under the seat and stay there on the rented bike so I can connect it when it was my turn to use the bike? http://helite.com/ and a review is here http://www.webbikeworld.com/r4/helite-airbag-vest/ Thanking in advance for checking into the statements.

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CSS will just want a relatively recent DOT or Snell approved helmet in good condition with no damage. They will not require a new 2015 helmet. The air vest would be fine and it should be no problem to connect the tether and leave it, as long as it is secured so that it is not bothering or hampering anyone else who is riding the bike. It is best to let the office know in advance that you will be using it and will want to connect the tether, but the most important thing will be to get with the school mechanic in the morning on the day of your school to set it up. Catching him early will make it much easier for him to handle making time for installing the tether. If you are riding two days in a row, let registration know to make sure to keep you on the same bike both days.


It would also be helpful if you are already familiar with where and how to attach the tether on a 1000rr, in case the mechanic has not installed one like that before, it could save him some time.

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