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Engine Protections

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Hi there,


Now i am the lucky owner of a used s1000rr that I am turning into a track bike. I was about putting engine protections, which requires taking some screws out of the engine plate, and read on a BMW servicing note that these screws are replaced every time. So now I am becoming paranoid and I don't dare to go forward, as I really don't want to snap one of them inside the engine! Are these screws really one time use ? I have all the info to put them back with the right tightening torque...but I am perplex about this "one time usage" thing. Anybody has some info about this ?

Thanks !

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Yes. They are one time use. Woodcraft provides a set of screws to go with their covers. Here's one side of the Woodcraft case protection system on one of mine. I also have the Woodcraft Axle Sliders and swing arm slider spools as well as their frame sliders.




Another thing to think about. Engine cost for one of these bikes is about $12K. How much are the screws worth vs the risk? I'm rather mechanically inclined myself but I chose to have the dealer install mine. It was just easier and I did not have to worry. The cost was not too horrible. The other option of course is an independent motorcycle mechanic that works on a lot of track bikes. I'm lucky enough to have a guy that's an ex racer turned mechanic for simple things that I don't want to drag it to the dealer for.

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Pretty sure. Check this S1000RR forum post that refers to the list price of the engines. I have heard the 12K price referred to in other places as well.




List price for a BMW provided engine is not the only option of course. You could always pick up a used engine for less. For me though with a relatively brand new bike I take into account the cost of components if I decide to do a DIY project. If I were to strip out the threads in my engine block I would be on my own for repairs. If a dealership did it they would be on the hook for repairs. It's an exercise of cost savings vs risk.

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Pretty much. Most bikes are this way though.


If you take the price of most new bikes off the showroom floor and tried to "build your own" from parts out of their parts department it would be a LOT more expensive due to the increased parts prices. Some of this is due to the logistics in place for manufacturers to stock and provide these parts to support the bikes. They have to recover the costs of the warehouses of parts and the people involved to sell these parts to you when you are ready to buy them. They have to keep these parts available for many years after the bike leaves production to support the bikes. That's an expensive endeavor.

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