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My ... School... Question.

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I'm in school, literally, and am in an advanced writing class. It's probably no surprise that I'm planning on writing about a motorcycle related topic, counter-steering, if allowed by my professor. Every other professor forces me to write about nursing related subjects. I'm going to write on counter-steering, attempt to break it down, talk about the "alternative," and finally, write about the safety aspect of learning the proper way to steer a motorcycle.

I am going to use all the published books I can find, whatever I can find on body steering (or body lean), and use the Hurt Report as well as government agencies stats for some of the safety aspect of it.

My question is: does anyone know of any other resources I can use? Maybe something that describes the specific physics involved? Academic type papers and physics reference recommendations would be appreciated. I know it's a different question everyone is used to getting, but who else would I ask, and who else would I even think to start with? The smartest people I know in regards to motorcycle riding are on this site.

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