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Ddc Computer Box

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Hi !


I am spending quite some fun time with a buddy of mine who has an HP4...we had a question though. The DDC computer is right in the front of the bike, in the front fairing...It sounds like a strange place to put this as it is quite a vulnerable place ! In addition, it makes his bike incompatible with a number of race fairing sets, which are slightly too small to fit that computer box. Anybody here who has an HP4 and moved the computer box ? Where ? Anything that would suggest the DDC computer box MUST stay there ? That would be really helpful.

Thanks !

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So my friend uses sharkskins bodywork. There was no problem with the computer fitting for the HP4. Just your normal trimming to fit stands and exhaust pipes that you deal with installing any bodywork.


I would assume the box is behind the fairing possibly because that's close to the top of the front forks. If there's accelerometers in there that would be a good place to get data about the movement in the front end of the bike.

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