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Race Plans For This Season?

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Hi Hugh,


Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Things could get better and I hope they do. My wife and I have had many bitter discussions about motorcycles and racing. I have to concede that many of her concerns are correct. The emotional and financial tolls in this realm are heavy.


My plans are also scaled back this year, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I can do three days on the racetrack including Limerock. The centerpiece of my effort is to do a day with Yamaha Champions School, first, on May 3rd, where I feel like I can learn a lot from Nick and his staff. I'll try to finish up with Penguin at Loudon and finally get my license. If I can stick in a a Tonys Track Day, I'll be happy, because my sponsor, Todd, at Heroic Racing Apparel, has told me that he really puts his riders above money. I also love that little racetrack at Thompson Speedway, in Northeastern CT.

I had huge expenses on my bike due to an accident on the street, and upgrades, and I too, am spending this year trying to get on the plus side of the balance sheet. I may be able to do some more track marshalling which will help me learn, get safer, and pay my expenses. The money at NJMP is pretty good for this, and they always need marshalls.

MotoAmerica last year taught me tremendously, and I think this is going to help me in the future.


I was, of course, saddened by the passing of Glen Frey, because with him goes my dream of singing with the Eagles. His family and friends, and other band members are still there, so I have hopes left for a closer relationship. I may turn my focus a little more in this direction because of advancing age. I've had a nagging thought to quit motorcycling, and racing altogether, but I feel the sport has given me so much, that its undeniable that I should continue and overcome my fears.

Having been a professional bicycle racer in the past, it is helping me with my fitness goals, and I have learned from Roadracing World and Motorcycle Technology, that rider fitness and mental acuity are supreme in this sport.


The Long Island New England Sport Bike Meetup Group holds lots of possibilities, including an escorted fund raiser for the Suffolk County Police Athletic League, and the track days. We are also doing Sturgis this year. I'm amazed at how this Group has taken off. I thank God for all of this.


Good luck with your job, as I know how increasing responsibilities can be a big challenge and very rewarding.


Wishing you the very best, and look forward to hearing more from you, about your career.


Thanks for asking about my plans.


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