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Gear Bag Recommendations

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Anyone have any good recommendations for gear bags that work well on planes? I would like to bring my own gear to school but want to make sure everything survives the trip in one piece.


Here is one of the ones I am looking at. http://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/rs-taichi-wheeled-gear-bag-rsb266/

In case the link doesn't work for anyone else it is the RS Taichi Wheeled Gear Bag RSB266

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I've seen the UK guys bring their gear in a rolling bag like the one you (tried to) link to (link is dead for me).

I think it's the same as I saw at the Malaysian GP in 2013, but I could be wrong.

My concern with such a bag is that it's beyond the IATA max size, so you might get refused even if it goes in the cargo.


I just stuffed my leathers in a suitcase and rented helmet, gloves, back protector and boots, when I went to Willow Springs in 2012.

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contemplating just wearing all my gear on the plane :lol:

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If you head to your local Cycle gear they typically have gear bags for Motorcross stuff. A friend of mine has one and it seems to work well for him. :)


MotoD has a great helmet bag it even has some well thought out netting for a second visor. The school sells them. I used to have my main and spare helmet just out in the open in the back of the car heading to the track. The helmet bag gives me a lot more options on where to put them not having to worry about them getting scratched or bumped into.

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I love topics like this. I happened to pass a Cycle Gear on the way from the mechanic picking up my bike and walked out with an Ogio Trucker 8800 gear bag. In the back seat of the car I managed to quickly store two sets of boots, a helmet (inside it's motod case), two sets of gloves and a Forcefield Back protector with plenty of room to spare. You could easily get a suit, helmet, boots, back protector and gloves inside of it and have tons of room left over inside. They had a less expensive Fox racing bag that was also pretty cavernous inside but it lacked wheels.


Here's a link.




I'm glad I picked one up as it will save me a ton of time and hassle getting ready to go to the track. I typically had to bring down the small pieces of gear like gloves helmets boots and back protectors and always worried about forgetting something in my several trips. My tow vehicle was also a mess on the inside with random sets of gloves and boots and other gear strewn all over the back seat.

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In the back seat of the car I managed to quickly store two sets of boots, a helmet (inside it's motod case),


Chase, is this the MotoD helmet case you're talking about? http://www.motodracing.com/motorcycle-helmet-case


Just curious,



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