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Building My Bmw S1000Rr For Bmw-Cup In Europe

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Hi Everyone, as I promised earlier, I am creating a Topic here how I build up my BMW S1000RR for Racing Purpose to Win & Dominate the BMW S1000RR Cup in Europe 2016 with limited resources.


What I have done so far:


Signed the Contract to buy a New BMW S1000RR 2015, will be delivered Until March2016.


The Extras of my BMW:

Forged HP Wheels

Dynamic Package

Race Package


A lot of Rational Planning of what Items to buy for which purpose.


Opinions and critic are welcome.


I will post if there is something new I have to share. I post also pictures as soon as possible.


Best Regards


Roland from Austria

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  • Race Fairing

Brake System:


  • Carbon Dash Fairing Holder
  • Alpha Racing Foot Pegs
  • Racing Subframe Light
  • Fast Throttle Kit
  • Chain adjuster Lighttech

Cooling System:

  • Hose Coolant Kit Racing BMW S1000RR, silicone


  • Race ECU
  • Race Calibration Kit 3
  • Keys for ECU and RCK3
  • ​Plug Set that eliminates errors (side stand, lights…)
  • Conversion kit on/off switch
  • Racing battery 900g
  • HP Datalogger
  • 2D GPS Laptimer for OEM Dashboard


  • Carbon Engine Protectors

Exhaust System:

  • Arrow Competition Titan 71140CKZ (3,9kg)

Final Drive:

  • 520 Racing Chain
  • Front Sprockets (15/16)
  • Rear Sprockets (43/42/41)

Fuel Tank Management:

  • Fuel Cap Quick Action

Special Parts:

  • Stomp Grip


  • Öhlins Steering Damper

This are the Main things I will change on my BMW, maybe some adjustments, but main concept.

What do you think about it? Critics? Opinions?

Let me know.

Best Regards


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It looks good,but since it is a Cup what are the rules and the limitations of the championship? Is it necessary the 2D lap timer if you have the GPS datalogging? It does not show in the dash the lap times? Try to choose a good set of brake pads (Brembo Z04,Vesrah SRJL XX). What about suspension tuning? You might need an extra set of wheels. You can also try the ceramic bearings for the wheels.Spend a lot of time on the dyno for engine tuning for the specific fuel (ignition, AFR). There are a lot of things to be done even before you begin the championship.

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Also if your budget is relatively limited stay with standard brake calipers or go for the M4 (1/2 the price of GP4-RX). I went for the M4 because I can find cheaper and easier good brake pads. If you want really better brake calipers and not more looks than performance then go for the racing line of the Brembo GP4-RR. Also stay with stock cooling hoses (due to $$$$) and go for aftermarket rearsets that are cheaper than Alpha Racing (which are very good).

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I would spare all the chassis items (except maybe for the subframe, not sure how much it helps) and add an air filter, plus dyno and recalibration with the new exhaust.


I would also save on the second GPS and connect the main GPS to the dashboard. Buy more practice/coaching track time with the saved money.

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Rather than completely eliminating ABS I would tune it with the Calibration Kit and see if you can get it where it still gives you a level of protection while allowing you to maximize braking. Unless you can't find a happy medium there I would keep the ABS system onboard. There is a minimal weight savings removing it but the first time you need ABS and it's not available that weight savings becomes a false economy. Avoiding a crash could win a race. :)


I'm going to share my super secret S1000RR bodywork supplier with you via PM. They are out of Italy and do absolutely amazing work. For an amazingly economical price you could get full carbon fibre bodywork, carbon tex or fiberglass bodywork for your bike fully painted in whatever scheme you like. Anybody else who wants to know PM me and I'll send the link. A few guys at the track have this bodywork on their bikes and it looks absolutely amazing. I'm considering doing the full carbon bodywork on my 2013 but I'm on the fence at the moment as I might leave it alone and go with one of the new model bikes and do pretty much what you are doing with yours.


As for Data. The BMW system provided by 2d gives an amazing amount of information and adds very little weight or wiring impact to the bike. There is even a laptimer add on that adds a tiny IR sensor under the dash for lap times in the instrument display that's fully integrated and has a "best lap time" green light.

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