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Rr Fest At Auto Club Speedway

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I'll see what I can do. My tow vehicle gets about 7mpg and is British so driving that distance is a bit impractical. Might see if I can tag along. Assuming my bike is finished by then. Doing a bit of late season work on it and parts may arrive at the last minute.


For people who have not been to a Double R fest they are really awesome events. Here's a video for the 2014 Double R fest. Each one is unique so I have no idea what's planned for this one. Even if it's just N8 it's worth going.


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I am going. Should be fairly easily found as the (better be) smooth, but somewhat slow riding back-marker on an 800. :D Seems like a fun event and will be a branch out for me as I have only really spent time at the track for School and Break In Day. Having done Willow (Big and a bunch of Streets), The Ridge and Laguna a few times, I feel like I have a grip on the general environment. Having seen a few videos and read a few things online I am interested in doing a 2 up ride with Nate as an educational experience if it is possible.


P.S. Hotfoot You got my vote during the competition last year. Was a great story to follow.

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