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Street Tyres - Best Ever

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I've been riding smallish street bikes for a long time, with 500k miles on two 1987 Suzuki GSX400x (homogolised for Japan F3). In that time I've tried almost every combination of street tyre available in 17". Stock suspension. Low mileage second bike. Maintained, minor upgrades to rear (nylon bushes), front set slightly firmer, spring rate increased).

The best tyre combo ever was in the late 1980s, a radial "Super Sport". Might have been Michellin, or Continental. It had a flatter (round) profile than normal and gave the bike quite unusual handling. For instance at low speeds steering was very flckable, and required little lean in. At speed hanging off the grip was phenomenal for street tyres. Counter steering required a firm hand, but then the tyre took over and turned itself firmly into corners. I still I got 15k miles out of the front and 10k out of the rear at significant average speeds.

Unfortunately the availability of these tyres was very poor, so I've moved on to other brands, none of which have delivered the same confidence inspiring grip, or predictability. Most have been at best lack lustre.

I'd like to obtain a similar performing tyre to replace the Pirelli Sport Demons that it's currently wearing. They seem to transition to skipping rather than sliding progressively and are freaking me out from time to time - and I'm no-where near the edges after 1000 miles of riding. I've settled on 34psi rear, 32psi front on the street. I generally set front pressures to provide neutral steering at the lowest pressure. Texture indicates good wear both ends.

Any suggestions. Please. More sport touring, scratching than street racing as z rated tyres are damn hard to warm up at urban speeds.

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