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Who's Doing Barber This Week?

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Excited to be going to Barber and riding on Saturday and Sunday learning a lot of great stuff. Anybody else from the forum going? Betty, Jeff (Scrmnduc) and I will be there. We usually head to dinner afterwards if anybody is interested. :)

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Just got back in from Barber. I'm absolutely exhausted. Had an awesome time of course.


Keith Code himself was my Level 4 consultant the first day and Jon Groom the second day. Amazing insight from both of course. Keith helped me with my "overthinking" problem a bit (quite the tall order) and Jon helped me understand how throttle control ultimately affects line choice which is something I have battled for quite some time now.


I had Gerry Signorelli as my on track coach who cared enough to say what needed to be said and really helped me achieve goals that were really needed. He really challenged me both on and off the track. While every coach I have ever worked with at the school has been world class I could not have been given a better coach for the specific things I needed help with.


Coby and Johnny pitched in to help me with some body position issues that desperately needed some overhauling.


Both Betty and Jeff had an awesome time as well and made amazing advances in their riding abilities.


Off to bed here. If you are on the fence about attending a school yourself. Just do it. The things you will learn in just one day at the school are much cheaper than any aftermarket parts you could buy for your bike. And you get to keep those skills forever. :)

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