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Finally Got My Knee Down ! Yes !

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I've ridden a number of years but never quite got the knee puck to touch the ground until yesterday. I finally was able to do it. I was able to put together what I've read, experience and skills to make it happen. Honestly for me it was one of the best feelings ever.

Thanks for the tips guys and I'm sure I'll learn more when I start the CSB two-day course in August.

Whoooo Hooo !




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I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm looking forward to that day as well. ;-) Good job and thanks for sharing. And you'll love the 2-day camp, btw.



Thanks a lot AxeBlue ! A lot of practice to made it happen but I'm still working on improving body positioning. I'm looking forward to the 2-day camp this week.

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Silly me but what that coach.



Short for "radical" which means very, very cool; awesome. Kind of an 80's California term... it is, after all, the California Superbike School, and the school lexicon reflects its heritage. :)


Ah ah ! Gotcha ! :P I'll remember that.

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