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Rider Induced Front Slip?


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This started last year and I haven't been able to get my head around it or adjust it out. When I am going into a turn at a spirted pace I go deep and turn quickly and the front "feels" as though it is sliding for a split second. I just ride it out and all is well, but it doesn't feel right. The only theory I have come up with is that I am not looking far enough through the turn and turning too far/hard for my turn point and unconsciously correcting making me think the front is sliding.


I know what a sliding front feels like and it doesn't really feel like that, but I don't slide the front as immediately as this is happening so it could be. Keeping my eyes down the road doesn't fix it for me and it doesn't seem to be caused by being too tight on the bars- I'm anchored with my knee on the tank. I can turn the bike quick enough and far enough to have to immediately pull it up on a 90 degree turn, but that is just my perception. I try not to do that, but I was trying to intentionally over-steer the bike to get a feel for what that would feel like - that didn't enlighten me.


For a split second it feels like the front is tucking and pushing, but I'm not going into turns on the brakes and it doesn't last long enough to feel it in the bars (like I do if I hit a false neutral downshifting going into a turn and go through with no power). Any Thoughts? Thanks.

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Hi thor


Could be suspension. Too much preload on the front could make this happen. Have you tried another brand of tyre? How much air do you have in there?

You don't want the tyre to do the suspensions job - the tyres job is to give you grip (which is what's failing) and the suspension is to keep the tyre and the tarmac touching. Most people get the two mixed up with often hilarious results! Oh, how we laughed...



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Sounds like when you try to quick turn the bike there is a little residual pressure on the bars just when you are done turning. What I mean is, many times when riders turn the bike quickly they are a little afraid of it turning too much. So right when your done turning you kind of tense up on the bars a little to stop the bike from leaning over. Most times it's just for a millisecond and then the moment you relax things feel ok. We see this a lot when guys are doing the steering drill.


When you steer a bike you put pressure on the bar to get the bike to lean. The longer you hold this pressure the further over the bike will lean. When you want to stop the bike from leaning over anymore all you have to do is release this pressure. However, sometimes it seems like when you turn the bike fast you have to hold the bars when your are done turning and this can cause the front end to dig in.


Try to press and release to steer, not press and hold.


Hope that helps.

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Try to press and release to steer, not press and hold.

I couldn't agree more! I've been through *EXACTLY* what you're describing. It turned out to be additional inputs to the bars after the initial turn.


As recent as this last weekend, I went through it, but at least now when I do it, I KNOW what is happening and why...

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