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Newbie Greetings!


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Hey everyone,

Just joined the forum. I’ve been riding since 15 years  and my first track day was in 2013 at a CSS event in Chennai India. My second CSS session was in 2016 and I did manage a few track days in between that period and post. 

Needless to say  CSS has helped be  improve all aspects of my riding on and off the track.

However as I have gained the confidence to increase my cornering speed and improve lap times  a not so welcome side effect has cropped up :CRASHING!

Anyone who has ever crashed knows what a confidence sapping  and stressfull event it is and  to make it worse the feeling lingers  especially when you can’t really pin-point the exact cause of the crash.  Let me not get started on the toll it takes on your family…

I’ve crashed on all three of  my track days since 2016 and I was not so lucky on the last one.  Had a small surgery since my UCL on the thumb ruptured. But its all good now and I’m fit for my next trackday, physically atleast.

 Please direct me to the right Topic on the forum so I can explain the crash and get someone to help pin point the cause…

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Welcome! Glad to have you on the forum, lots of great info here. There is an article in the articles section on crashing that you might find helpful.

For your question about diagnosing your track day crashes, the Track Days and Schools section might be a good place to put it, or the Cornering section, and we will see if we can help on figuring out what happened. Describing the one you recall the best would likely be the most productive since figuring it out will require us asking some questions about what occurred.

You are also more than welcome to send me a private message and we can try to figure out the cause of the crashes, if you prefer that over posting it up on the general forum. 

Welcome aboard and we look forward to your participation in the forum! 

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