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When to upgrade

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I just started MiniMoto racing! Trackday Father’s Day weekend on a loaner TTR125 got me hooked and I came back straightaway and bought a 97 XR100 to run the stock 100/125 class. My first race is in a week.

The rules allow springs and internal modifications to the OE suspension only and I’ve been racking my brain on what to do. I have an appointment Monday to do a maintenance catchup and we were going to flush the forks but if I come with springs we can do that too. It’s too late to order the springs but I’m also wondering if I should run the stock suspension because it will force me to be smoother and improve my technique. I really felt it in the transitions on the TTR with my 200lbs upsetting the chassis every time I flinched wrong. It even put me on my butt once in a tight hairpin trying to lower my body- really my shoulder and hip.

Monday morning I have a chance to stop by the store and pickup some fork oil..or not touch the forks at all- for now. But I need to stop obsessing over the research.

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My mechanic and I agreed that I will ride the stock suspension this weekend. The vendors that I talked with have assured me that the stock suspension will be bottomed during most of my ride. I hope that I don't break anything especially me.

I've also decided that I should have bought a CRF125 instead just for the fact that it opens up an additional racing class. Maybe next year?

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