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2 Day Camp Or 4 Days Training

Guest tristan

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Guest tristan

My son and myself are from France and want to come to train to your school. Is it better to train from level 1 to level 4 and how many days will it take or do a 2 day camp ? Why ?

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It will take four days to go from Level 1 to Level 4.


You have to start at Level 1 as that is where everybody starts from regardless of ability.


I have completed Level 1 and I'm booked on a 2 day Camp to do Level's 2 & 3 as you get more track time on the camp's plus your riding is recorded so you can see where your going wrong and you get to use the lean and slide bike.


I'm doing it this way because of advice I received on this forum, once I've done the camp I will be doing a couple of track days to try out all the technique's then I will book up for my Level 4.


Level 4 is designed around any techniques your struggling with so you need to try out the technique's to know which one's you are having trouble with before going on Level 4.


How long you take in between Level's depends on how you feel your doing and how much you can afford at once.


Good Luck.

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The Superbike school has 4 levels and they each take one day to complete regardless of whether you do a single day school or a two day camp.


At a single day school you would complete one level each day.


At a two day camp you would complete two levels in two days.


There are many differences between the single day schools and a two day camp. These differences are outlined on the school?s web site and there have been a couple threads on this forum as well, here?s a link to one thread that goes over the differences?.



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My personal $.02 is that anything more than the 2 day session would be information overload.


The 2 day by itself goes through so much that it can easily take one a year or more to effectively implement the techinques.


Under my definition of wisdom being "knowledge applied", what you don't want to do is end up with a ton of knowledge but zero wisdom. It takes time to re-train your mind & body to some of the techniques. The techniques are much about mastering the basics, which most people neglect. However, until you have mastered them, you cannot move much further on your path to success.

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