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Data Analysis of my Lap vs WSBK rider

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Hey guys.

I wanted to share some videos I made of me analyzing data of of my lap vs WSBK rider who is also riding my bike around Chuckwalla CW direction.

So far I have made 3 videos that are very basic, but a good place to start because they are simple and hopefully easy to understand.

My qualifications: I used to race cars, and we were very heavy into data analysis. I also spent many hours with crew-chief of Tech3 and Data Engineer for Gresini which we covered in detail all aspects of data acquisition for motorcycles.

Software and data acquisition system: "2D Data Recording" (used on all moto3, moto2 and many MotoGP machines)

The videos should be watched in order because they sort of "build" on top of each-other.


Video #1 (time spent at lean)



Video #2 (roll speeds)



Video #3 (how it is possible that my roll speed is lower and my lean angle is higher)





Future videos will all compare WSBK rider lap with my own (order not yet decided):


- Roll Rates. How fast do we add or decrease lean angle. I will also cover counter steering, and how it works

- Changing Radius during cornering. Entry, neutral, exit type corners and V-type

- Motorcycle dynamics (will be many separate videos). Lean angles converted to G's. How to calculate lean angle from radius and speed and the other way around. What are G forces. Braking G's, acceleration G's, combined G's (traction circle). Why a bike does not fall and a self correcting system (rake, trail, offset). Anti-squat. Tire coefficient of friction. Camber thrust. 

- Focus on entry phase of corners

- Focus on mid corner phase

- Focus on exit phase

- Suspension setup by suspension speed histogram to adjust rebound, compression scientifically.

- How to find more time at a given track without a reference lap.

- Oversteer & understeer

- Sprocket sizes and gear simulations on the software.

- Throttle acceptance

- Xavi Vierge data analysis from Valencia Qualifying 2016. This will be fun. He brakes at 0.9 G's at 50 degrees lean! Woohoo!

- Contact patch. Does a bigger contact patch actually provides more grip? (this one will really piss some people off)

- Ideal Tire working temperatures, how we can find them, and how we achieve them. 

- Yaw




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Interesting! The third video may also show why quick steering is so beneficial since it allows the choice of a more efficient line. It also explained how one rider could corner at a given speed around a corner, fully decked out, while another can go faster and barely graze a peg feeler; different lines around the corner that require different amounts of lean for the same speed. Thanks for clarifying that. 

BTW, you may want to check your tags as I get a lot of animal video suggestions when watching yours, but nothing relevant. 

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Faffi, yes quick steering gives you more possibility of lines. Especially the line that makes the biggest radius around a bend, like that of a moto3 bike.

Yes - we can have a rider creating an un-necessarily tight radius around a specific turn leaning at 55 degrees going slower than another rider who chose a line which provides them a larger radius, leaning at 45 degrees, and this 2nd rider would be going faster.

That being said, if a bike/tire is capable of reaching 55 degrees, a lean angle of 55 should 100% be achieved at some portion of any particular turn. This portion would be the moment where you are not braking, and not accelerating. This portion can last 0.1 seconds, or 4 seconds depending on the particular characteristic of that corner.


You will almost NEVER want to reach a lean angle of 45 degrees maximum at a turn, where your bike is capable of 55 degrees. It just means you could have gone faster.

I'll make an video on this topic in the near future.


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