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Stick With The Same Or Try Something New?

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I'm looking at next years schedule trying to decide which track I want to choose for my Level 3 training. My dilemma is this, I attended Level's 1 & 2 at Sears Point but I would someday like to ride Laguna.


Would my Level 3 class be more beneficial if I stayed with a track I was familiar with or better to learn on a new one (such as Laguna)?


BTW..Level 2 at Sears Point Monday was awesome!

Thanks for a great day!

-Jen :)

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The only thing I can think of that might deter you from doing a new track is that you would have to spend a little bit of your attention learning the track in the first few sessions. I don't think that would detract too much though and Laguna is pretty darn cool :)

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