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Custom swing arms for hayabusa


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Welcome to the forum Travis. Not a topic that if often discussed here, but there are a number of custom shops and discussion groups that specialize in the Hayabusa, being a very popular bike to customize and "trick out". It's very likely that you're going to have to spend a little bit of time finding out and being able to describe what you're looking for when you say "better than stock" as each part is designed to perform a certain function and there are always trade-offs.

I took the opportunity to lookup a little about the model and learned that after a 20 year run, 2019 will be the last production year for the bike, as the decision was made to cease production due to no longer meeting Euro4 emission standards. I also find it amazing that even though production ran for 20 years, there is only 2 "generations" of the bike which tells me that Suzuki got so many things right when they designed it from the beginning...or the mod community changes it to suit the owner's needs and would rather keep it as a well-known quantity. So you've got options out there and a large knowledge base to get what you want from your bike.

Please stick around awhile and tell us how your bike turns and how you can get more from it and from yourself.

I'll share this little anecdote before closing: that years ago, I was doing a business presentation to a motorcycle club and some back-forth bantering started and the main instigator rode a Hayabusa- I ended the melee to get back to my presentation by saying that his bike couldn't turn. In retrospect, that was probably mean to say but it was the prevailing opinion in the magazines and .... in the room. He sat back down and remained quiet thereafter.

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