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The World's Fastest...

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Don't know if this is the proper forum for this, but...it certainly belongs somewhere around here...


Several months ago I attended a "screening" of a yet to be released Anthony Hopkins' film called 'The World's Fastest Indian' at a local film festival. The film's title caught my eye, but, when I read the synopsis, I knew I had to see it. I'm sure the name of Burt Monro will be familiar to some of you. I'm embarrassed to admit, I only vaguely recognized the name and knew nothing of his story. In any case, I just found out the film is being released this weekend somewhere. Coming to a major motion picture theatre near you soon, to be sure.


I was lucky enough to see the movie in an intimate, screening room type of atmosphere (like much smaller than a showcase theatre at the mall) filled to near capacity with maybe forty or fifty other people at most. I cannot think of ANY movie I have EVER seen that garnered such audience reaction. A cheering standing ovation. Even the destruction of the Death Star at the Warner Theatre with at least a thousand people (circa 1977) didn't come close. It's a really great true story and easily the best movie I've ever seen about any kind of motorcycle racing. Or maybe any kind of racing period. (And, of course, it's Anthony.) I think it has Oscar written all over it. A must see for anyone who ever raced, races now, or dreams of racing someday. Or dreams of anything for that matter.


I can't wait to see it again on an even bigger screen with the final cut and full soundtrack. Though something tells me I was lucky to see the director's cut without the pop tunes I just heard on the ad trailer this morning, I don't think even Hollywood's finest could diminish the power of Burt's story.




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