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Learning From Video


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I'm saving up for superbike school. But in the meantime I have a problem. I live in the middle of WV...great places to ride up here in the mountains but hardly anyone out here even knows what a sportbike is, let alone knows how to ride one. I ride alone. I have no models.


I need to watch good riders on video. Some of the track footage on this website is cool but it shows the perspective of the motorcycle (hardmounted on the bike...when the bike tips so does the camera). But I need to see things from other persoectives.


I want to watch riding from a the perspective of a non leaning camera, perhaps from a car following the rider. I also want to see the perspective from in front of the rider looking backwards (rider is following cam)also from a similar non-leaning perspective. How about a helmet cam view so I can see what the rider is seeing. Would be nice to have a split screen view on these so I would be able to see the speedometer/tach and audio so I could hear the sounds and I get a good idea what is happening with the throttle.


Sorry, this may be common knowledge to some, but is there any product out there like this? Or am I asking for the world here?

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For camera shots looking back at the rider from the cockpit, try purchasing the 2005 Isle of Man TT video from Duke Video. However, this is bolted to the bike, so leans with it.


Watch some MotoGP footage, (Try www.MotoGP.com) there are numerous camera angles on there, off the back, offf the front, near the wheel, the rider's face, following bike, etc, but again, all lean with the bikes.


As for following, non-leaning cameras like they were bolted to a car; apart from inventing some new fangled technology to make the camera stay upright or being trailed by a formula one car, nothing doing I'm afriad, not that I know of anyway!

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Was hoping for helmet cam shots. Those would'nt lean with the bike and would show more what this kind of riding looks like through the eyes of the rider.


Any suggestions here?

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