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My First Css School In South Africa (march 2006)

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I went to my first track day at Phakisa (which is an awesome circuit and was the first MotoGP circuit until this year). If I had to sum up the weekend into one word it would be "AWESOME"! This is the most fun I have had on my bike since I have been riding. There was an open track day on Monday and my time was 13 secs quicker than I have ever gone on that track, granted I was quite slow before! I was doing 2:00 laps and all this because I was just using what was taught to us in the past 2 days! Would just like to say thanks to Andy, Chris, Chris (not a typo but both the Chris'), Klaus and Glenn! Look forward to levels 3 and 4 in November. I will be going to Kyalami on the 8th and if my times are good enough I am thinking about racing regionals next year. Thanks CSS you guys ROCK!!

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Me again. Just thought I would let you guys know .... something that you already know ... CSS is awesome!! Two weeks after going to CSS in Phakisa I went to the track at Kyalami and my best lap times before that at Kyalami was a 2:08, this time that I went I did a 2:01 and I actually felt more comfortable doing that time!! I am going back on the 14th May and hoping to break 2:00 ..wish me luck!

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