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How hard on the gas?

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Here’s a video of Jonathan Rea making up 6 places in 1 Lap. I notice how hard he’s on the gas and I’m thinking: “surely he’s going to spin the rear tire and highside himself” but not even close!

Is this possible with consumer level tires? Or is there some type of electronic gadgetry at play here?

Or maybe I can get on the gas harder on corner exits?

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Couldn't get the above video to play so here is a link to it on YouTube:  Rea 1 Lap 6 Places Magny-Cours 2018

There is also a brief WSBK video of Rea bolting from 8th to 1st in five corners at the TT Assen circuit last April.  His move from 8th to 3rd by the first corner is very impressive. This Assen video allows you to see him in context of the pack. What strikes me about his riding are three things: he is incredibly smooth, precise and takes racing lines that do an excellent job of setting up his passes. Here is the link:  Rea 8th to 1st Dutch Round

I searched for video footage of the 1977 AMA Grand National Championship round at Sears Point where Kenny Robert's famously went from last to first in four laps. I could not find it, but I did find a wonderful video of the 1979 Silverstone round showing highlights of Robert's battle with Barry Sheene. As you would imagine the video quality is poor given the era but the racing is marvelous nonetheless. It is six minutes in length. Enjoy. 1979 Silverstone - Kenny Roberts versus Barry Sheene

As to Jaybird 180's questions … 

"Is this possible with consumer level tires?" Consumer tires is a broad term. There are lots of track tires the average consumer can purchase include race slicks. But if by "consumer level" you mean typical street tires then no, not compared to track focused tires. 

"Is there some type of electronic gadgetry at play here?" Absolutely. WSBK and MotoGP bikes use sensors, software and ECUs to the fullest advantage possible. But great riding and winning still comes down to the skills of the racer.

"Or maybe I can get on the gas harder on corner exits?" Speaking for myself - almost always! 


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I found the other 2 videos entertaining but the first was an example based on sound and camera angle of how much he is on the throttle post apex. It even seemed that during one of those corners it wasn’t a roll-on but that the power instantly went to full and the engine was willing to rev that easily. I know I don’t have the resources to toss into a WSBK motor to be able to do that or able to exploit such equipment but I can take an example from his technique to get a sense of what is possible; I tend to be unwilling to accelerate that hard.

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