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Hello everyone, 

Swedish transplant in San Jose, CA. I've been riding longer than I want to admit. My first bike was a 1976 Suzuki GT380 (2-stroke triple!). It had the cornering performance of a loose hinge! I learned the the hard way the value of proper protection and safe riding. I've flown over the handlebars, had head-on collisions, and been wire brushed more than a few times. I'm lucky to be alive! I stopped riding for many years, recently returned with great hesitation. But thanks to Keith and his team my passion for motorcycles has been reignited and burns hotter than ever!  

Attended L1 and L2 on June 13-14 this year. It was an eye-opening, inspiring, and confidence-instilling experience. It inspired me to take more classes and sign up for several track days. I have become a huge fan of California Superbike School! 


2019 KTM 790 Duke


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What a great post! We are so happy you were able to come to the school and I'm really pleased to hear that the school reignited your passion for the sport! We look forward to seeing you back at school again soon; if you do some track days in between, let us know how that goes.


Happy motoring! :)

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