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Basic Suspension Workshop

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Basic Suspension Workshop: (this is not advanced, and will be in plain English!)


Want to learn the basics of what your suspension is, how it works, and how to set it up for you and your bike? And then do it? (this is a hands on workshop!).


California Superbike School and Dave Hodges of GP Suspension, will hold a basic suspension workshop at the Superbike School shop in LA.


Dave is an expert in suspension, helping many racers and street riders, (including our own Will Eikenberry who recently broke and re-broke the track record at The Streets of Willow Springs), and Dave will direct the hands-on adjustments made to everyone's bikes. There will be a brief theory session prior to each suspension check and change. Dave, staff and attendees will team up and handle each bike. A suspension setting sheet will be provided for each bike. Dave will recommend whatever you need to sort out your bike's handling. The donation is $20 and proceeds go to the nationwide Children's How to Set a Good Example Campaign.



DETAILS (please read carefully!)


Who can come: Anyone, any motorcycle. You must bring any specialty tools needed for setting your bikes suspension if they aren't generally available tools!


Limit: 30 riders.

RSVP: required, pre-register via the school office. You can only sign up for this at the Superbike School office, you cannot sign up via the web page.

Phone: 800-530-3350

Date: Saturday, Jan 24,04, 9am.

Location: Superbike School HQ, 940 N. San Fernando Rd., LA, CA, 90065. (Go to www.mapquest.com for directions.)

Who: Dave Hodges, Will Eikenberry and Superbike School Instructors

Donation: $20.

Time: 9am-12pm.


GP Suspension: www.gpsuspension.com

Questions: cobie@superbikeschool.com

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