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Street Tires: Race Vs. Street

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High performance or DOT race tires?


This topic is often discussed with other riders I meet that race and are casual street riders. A well respected racer around here said to get race compound. Another casual rider said those tires are too difficult to get warm on anything but a hot day...


I get many differing opinions.


What should be used on the street?

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i've never actually used race compound on the street, but, my gut thinks you'd have square profile tires pretty fast. there's a reason they call them street tires, eh? the people who designed them really do have yours and the best interest of your riding at heart. otherwise, they wouldn't be in business long, haha.


that being said...GO FOR IT! i mean why not? it's only money and you only live once. i'm all about experimentation. let us know how it works out for you. :P


seriously tho...i understand the desire to experience super sticky tires to give that feeling of extra confidence. i think the real answer to what you are seeking might be found at a superbike school. confidence. control. and that certain knowledge that you KNOW what it's like to ride on a track.

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Thanks for the comments. Another thing I did not mention is that most of the people that run race compound around here, are running pulloffs from other racers. I know that these tires have been through some good heat cycles, so I don't know if they are too cooked or not.


Personally, I am putting some new Metzeler M1's on today.


I plan on taking the class @ Mid-ohio in august.


Thanks again

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cool dude. good luck. perhaps i'll see you at mid-o.

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