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Byob Prepping?

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So what exactly needs to be done to the bike I am bringing prior to? I cant seem to find that info anywhere so I emailed and started a thread here just in case.


Typically, mirrors and turn signals are taped but you may want to remove them just to keep them safe. I broke both of my front turn signals off doing Level I at Watkins Glen a few years ago (hitting cones in the Esses will do it). The School will tape your lights and speedometer and will set your tire pressure. One thing that most tracks want you to do is to flush your cooling system (if you have a water cooled engine) and replace the anti-freeze with a soultion of Water Wetter and water. You can buy Water Wetter at NAPA, Pep Boys, AutoZone, etc. When your finished with School, reverse the process.


You'll need reasonably good tread on your tires because you will want all the grip you can afford and fresh tires are cheap insurance and real confidence builders.


Good Luck and don't forget to post your story afterward.



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