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Is This Class For Me?

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I have no riding experience. In 2 weeks I am taking the MSF 3 day course and that will be my first time riding a street bike. The MSF teaches on cruiser style bikes but I want to get a sport bike, so I'm wondering if this class is for me. The Level I class seems like it assumes you've riding a street bike before, but I could be wrong. Any insight from you all would be helpful, especially recommendations to beginner sport bike schools should this one not be good for my level. I'm in los angeles, ca area. Thanks!



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In my humble opinion, to get the most out of the class, you should be comfortable controlling a bike- i.e., shifting, braking, etc. If you're concentrating too hard (as new riders do) on the controls, it would be hard to focus on the various drills to get the most of them. I'd recommend getting some seat time for a year or so.

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What we ask for is a competent street rider for exactly the reasons stated above -- if you are still wrestling with basic control operations it will be impossible to learn techniques.


Get some experience on the bike and try to stay out of trouble for a few weeks and a few thousand miles then we can help you get what you want as a rider.



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