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How to choose tire pressure


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I notice that in the tech info provided by the Pirelli only gives a range of pressure hot off the warmer. For example Pirelli SC TD front 120/70 is 30-35 PSI. 5 psi seems like a wide range. How should I choose a proper pressure in this band? What do I get when I decrease or increase the pressure (for example 30 vs 35 psi)?

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The best pressure setting can vary by bike/rider weight, by track, and by temperature and is not always the easiest thing to figure out. Best thing to do (assuming you are talking about track riding) is to ask the Pirelli race tire distributor, and be specific about what bike you have, what pace you ride (A, B or C group at local trackdays, for example, or tell them your typical laptimes), and whether it is expected to be cold or hot out. 

The Pirelli range given above is a good starting point; if you see any abnormal tire wear (tearing, or uneven wear) occurring, you can ask a tire provider or suspension person for guidance, or if you want to look into it yourself, Google Dave Moss, he has lots of videos about tire wear and suspension that can help you "read" the tire to try to figure out what is happening.

If none of that is available, as a rough guide try starting out around 30-31 psi cold (which should go up to around 33-34 hot) on the front, and if the ride feels harsh or the tire doesn't seem to grip as well as you'd like (especially over rough pavement), try 1-2 PSI lower and see if that helps. If the front feels mushy and sluggish to steer, try going a few psi higher.  

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