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Rear Brakes At Superbike School

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greetings keith, met u in easterncreek,and we discused scientology if u remember. i had a sudden dilema 2 weeks ago,which was 'i have stopped using the back brakes and it felt very unnatural to use them' and i went back to twist of the wrist and was relieved to read 'to forget using rear brakes'and am back in my element just using the front. tx

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I think he means to use the rear brake only when traction is an urgent issue, like in gravel or grass if you happened to run off the track. A rear wheel skid is a lot easier to control than a front wheel skid.

The front brakes are all I'd recommend on the paved parts because downshifting will let your rear tire help slow you down, and just using your front brakes allow you to use attention else where. Having to worry about the rear brake just adds more unnecessary things to think about. Most of the stopping power is on the front wheel anyway.

But even though the rear brake isn't used much on the track, it is nice to have just in case.

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