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New to Forum; Never been to CSS


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Hi All-

I am new to the forum and have never attended a CSS class. I am looking to get some intensive instruction this season and trying to decide which way to go for this. I am mid 50's and have been riding for 40 years, but have never had instruction other that MSF course a lifetime ago. I am trying to overcome years of bad habits and misconceptions, while getting safer and faster....

I was wondering if anyone could talk about doing 1 or 2 days of CSS vs. 2 day camp as far as levels are concerned? Thanks!

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I can try to answer you but I'm not sure what exactly you are asking. If you are asking about whether to do single day schools versus a 2-day camp, there is info on the website about the differences but some of the major points are:

2 day camp gives you 7 riding sessions versus 5, there is a 2:1 student to coach ratio at 2 day camps versus 3:1 for single day schools, and there are fewer riders on track. For a 2 day camp you must use a school S1000rr, so if you want to bring your own bike you'll need to do the single-day format.

If your question was "what level(s)" should I take, the answer is you start at Level 1. Everyone starts at Level 1, whether it is your first time to a track or if you are a pro racer. You will be able to ride your own pace and passing is allowed, your on-track coach will tailor coaching to meet your pace and experience level, but the classroom portion applies to ALL levels of riding. 

My personal opinion, having been a student many times with CSS, is that I prefer the 2-day camps - more riding time and more time with your coach - as long as you are reasonably fit (able to handle more riding time) and can afford the additional cost. 2 day camp provides the bike and all riding gear (or you can bring your own) which makes it a lot easier to travel to whatever track suits your fancy. 

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