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Steering damper adjustment


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After purchasing my first S1000rr (2016) 6 years ago, I tried to compensate a poor suspension setup with the steering damper. After a proper suspension setup with much improved stability, and the realization that the dampers appeared to be removed from the 2020 Super Bike School provided bikes, I returned the steering damper adjustment to zero. Three years, 50k miles and a dozen track days later I am now preparing for my first races (asra) and I am wondering if my steering damper should play a role in this new endeavor. Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Yes, you should have a steering damper on any race bike, it is usually required in the rules. I've usually heard it recommended to set it on the lowest possible setting, only turning it up if needed (and if it does need to turned up the bike should be checked for a handling problem).

What gave you the idea that the school bikes don't have steering dampers on them?

Usually you won't notice the presence of the damper but if the bike goes into a tank slapper, you need that damper to calm it down.

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