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05 636 Tire Size Question

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I have a 2005 636. The stock tire size in the front is 120/65 ZR 17. The last time I got tires I purchased Michelin Pilot Powers that are the stock tire size. I'm going to need new tires soon, and I am thinking about getting a set of Metzler Racetec K2s. These tires don't come in the stock size, but I can put a 120/70 ZR 17 on the front.


Is there any issue with not using the stock tire size on this bike?


Will a 120/70 ZR 17 tire fit under the front fender without modifications?


Should I lower the front end to compensate for the taller tire?


What setup does the Superbike school use on their bikes?


thanks in advance



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Hey dja1,


I don't know if the 70 series tire will fit under your fender. However, I can tell you one way to get an idea.


The aspet ratio is width over height expressed as a percentage of height. In other words, 120mm wide and 70% of that width tall.


5% of 120mm is about 6mm or 1/4". Measure the clearance under your fender and to see if it will accomodate another 6mm or 1/4". You should also consider the wear of the current tire. Look at the tread depth to get an idea of what you need to add.


That said, often times the measurements on tires are not exactly accurate. I do adjust my geometry when using different size tires, but, I measure the tire itself and adjust accordingly.




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Old thread, but, yes the 70 fits, I've run nothing but them on mine since the OEM wore out. Now my question it for the KC SB crew is, do you run the 65 all the time or do you switch over to the 70's? If you do or don't and you guys have mega miles on the track, for the stock setup, which profile gives you a better feel? I'm looking to get a set of the Stone 002R/S's or the DC III. A friend of mine was turning mid/high with a 1:35 on 3rd day track tires at Road Atlanta on a stock Gix1K. He said they held fine and the rear looked great!!! But anyhoo, back to the question of the profile size.............

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