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Better Late... (wsmc Race Report)

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I haven't raced for so long I forgot to post my latest race report...


The following is from a press release from Advanced kawasaki, one of my sponsors.


WSMC Round 12 (Final) Sunday 12/17/06


In 40-something degree and windy weather conditions, Stu (Stuman) Smith on an Advanced Kawasaki tuned Ninja 650R obliterated the competition. Starting from the back of the grid, Stu placed first and blew away the previous lap record BY OVER 2 SECONDS in the 550 Superbike class, with a 1.27.3 lap time.


“The Ninja 650 was awesome I felt like I could do no wrong, it was so stable” said Stuart. “I can’t believe this bike is so well developed, after all it’s the first year of production for this model and the SVs have been around forever” Stuart continued, “Advanced Kawasaki has done a great job making this bike a winning package”.


In the Formula Twins Lightweight class Stu once again was going for the lap record, and Kevin Jump (also riding an Advanced Kawasaki Ninja 650R) only needed 9th or better to win the class championship. When the green flag dropped the two Advanced Kawasaki riders were 1 and 2 exiting turn one even though Stu had to start from the back of the grid. Stu ripped off another 1.27 lap time again obliterating the existing lap record with Kevin turning a 1.28 as well. Unfortunately, a crash on the 4th lap red-flagged the race, and timing and scoring wiped away the times for the restart. Deteriorating weather conditions and tire wear meant that in the second leg Stu would still get the lap record, but at an "official" 1.28.6. The two Advanced Kawasaki riders once again gapped the field, and finished 1-2. Kevin Jump clinched the Formula Twins Lightweight class championship title.


Advanced Kawasaki Ninja 650R won the first-ever WSMC Formula Twins Lightweight Championship (a class designed for the Kawasaki and the Suzuki SV650 to run head-to-head against one another) and set two lap records, not a bad weekend for the light weight riders.


Advanced Kawasaki would like to credit Carry Andrew at Hypercycle for his hard work developing our motors, Arata exhaust for allowing these motors to scream, and PPS suspension for keeping our Ninjas on rails.




Anyway, I'm not sure calling me a light weight rider is exactly accurate :) But I was pretty happy with my results for the weekend. Having only raced one other time this year (Toyota 200) I was able to win both races I entered at this event and set the lap records in both classes as well. I wanted to thank Keith and everyone at the school for helping me make a weekend like this happen, without the techniques I've learned at the school there's no way it would.

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