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Keeping The Bike Stable

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i notice that through the esses i tend to stay off the seat and just move from one side to the other (im not sure if this is correct). i can tell that i am feeding some bad inputs into the bike, maybe becuase im too heavy on the bars, i dont know, but im forced to slow my pace becuase of the feeling of stability loss. when i was at the school the bike felt so solid.. which gave me confidence... which made me a lot faster, how can i get that back?

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"maybe because im too heavy on the bars"


Michael...It's my bet that you're right on the money with your self diagnosis. The other factor could be how you shift your body from side to side. If you are using the bars to pull yourself up and over to the other side, it will contribute to the sensation you described. Level III is where this technique is analyzed and taught in detail.



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