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Moto Gp On Play Station 2

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I've been playing Moto GP 2 on PlayStation 2 lately. I thought it funny some of the techniques taught at superbike school can be used to do better in this game.


Throttle control for example (Rule #1, once the throttle is on keep applying it smoothly more and more throughout the turn) can be applied quite well with practice, and definitely leads to winning races. Put the game in simulation mode, and you can powerslide like a mofo out of everyturn but if you get too far sideways it will toss you off. It is a lot more forgiving that real life though. With simulation mode off the game does the throttle control for you which makes it not really worth playing at all.


The concept of quick turning also applies big time, especially in chicanes and high speed turns. There is a handling setting that you have to turn all the way up to be able to make the quickest possible lean angle changes.


The visual skills though I'd say are the most useful. Looking way ahead at the turn exit or all the way up through a chicane make it a lot easier to judge the turn in points and get back on the throttle and the soonest possible moment and come out of the turn right on the line.


Future teaching tool? Just kidding. :D

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