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I did Level 1 and 2 in Sweden this summer. It was great and I have improved a lot! One week before I went to first class I was determined to sell my bike and quit driving. Why? Because I felt I couldn´t drive. I didn´t enjoy a ride with my friends because it felt as if they had to go so slow just to let me keep up with them. I became more and more tense and I hated every single dark corner of the road.


Sell the bike?! What a stupid idea!!! ;) I love this - to ride my bike is my life! I can not live with out it. As you notice CSS saved my life. What would I become with out cornering at a racetrack? What would I do with out my lovely friends who I meet there?! :D


I will surely attend to more schools next year! I also tell everyone how fantastic you are and that they would do the same as I did - find out how much fun it can be with professional guidance.


By the way, I would also like to ask you a question about reference points. Does it actually need to be a visible point or could it be an angle from where two other points meet?





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Ella, glad to hear you didn't sell your bike! Riding is such a great gift! Obviously you know this base on your email. So,to answer your question about a reference point. A reference point doesnt have to be a visual spot IE a skid mark or surface imperfectoin.. An angle of two points can work, such as a 6' right angle from the edge of an apex to a point on the track.


Lets say the only mark on the roadway surface is 6' away from some type of steering input or brake application. Could you make a note of that 6' distance and make that your reference point?

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Hi again,


You and your questions... ;) I guess I could use that as a reference point. The hardest thing is to be able to explain what makes me turn at the same spot every time, but I can not point it out. I just know this is the right spot. I know it is to vague to say it felt right, but in some way I just know. At some tracks it is very difficult to find referencepoints at all. I will keep on trying though. :)

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LOL with the questions. Actually it's the best way to learn. So... more questions. Since you've been thru level one and two, you know riding is a very mechanical process. You mentioned turning at a specific point and it felt right, but didn't know why. What happens when you turn too early??? What happens when you turn too late??? If you can answers these two questions then you know why it feels right.

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Yes, I know it is a great way of doing it! *smile* I use the same technique on my brother and it works!

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