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A School At Pir? What A Good Idea!

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Howdy all.


When talking to many people here in Portland, OR, it became clear that the number one limiting factor for attendance at the CSS is the distances involved. It's hard to justify a lot of travel for a single day, and the 2-day camp is a bit expensive for many people.


Pricing, on the one-day classes with one's own bike, is roughly 2-3 times a normal track day. That's an excellent deal! I know many people in the NW area (portland, seattle) that really do want to attend a CSS session, but they don't want to fly or drive to it.


Of course I have personal reasons for wanting a NW session - I want to do level 3 on my own bike, and don't have a trailer yet :)


Just something to think about. There are around 2 million people in the Portland area, and 3.5 million around Seattle...



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