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Damper Settings

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Setting number 1. On setting number 1, the damper will still damp any violent head shakes that may happen, but still allow the front tire to track the roadway. Ever seen the top guys coming out of the corners on the gas with the front tire nearly sideways even though they are straight up and down? Imaging if that damper was cranked down and didn't allow the tire to return back fast enough.

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I attended school at VIR and I was interested in finding out what settings the GPR Dampers and kept on.

It depends on the track and your suspension set-up. Basically, you want it set as low as possible, just high enough to avoid tank slappers. Dampers should not be used to mask suspension set-up problems. I turned mine up until there was no headshake -- 2 clicks above zero. If I had to turn it up any higher than that to get rid of headshake, I would assume something was wrong with my set-up.


I have an R1 and I had serious headshake problems when I was running Dunlops (the rear tires grow in diameter at speed, at least they did a couple of years ago, maybe not now). Turning the damper all the way up didn't get rid of it, but once I switched to Pirelli's it almost completely disappeared. Don't get me wrong, Dunlops are great tires. They were fantastic on my ZX-9 but not on my R1.



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