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Streets Final Round (race Report)

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This past weekend was the final round of the WSMC Streets series on The Streets of Willow Springs. I think it was probably my final event of the year as well. I don’t have any plans to race again in ’07. I’m not sure what my race plans are for next year.


As far as the race weekend goes it was pretty uneventful. As has been typical of The Streets Series attendance in my classes was pretty low with only a few riders in each race. I had a good time though and I felt like I was riding well. I won all three of my races this weekend and lowered my existing lap record in the Open SuperStock class.


I set some pretty lofty goals for my racing this year. I was able to attain most of them and came up just short on a couple. I should be satisfied with my results but I’m not. I always seem to focus on the goals that I missed.


I had a near perfect season on The Streets of Willow. I won every race I finished (I didn’t finish one race due to contact with another rider breaking my footpeg off). I won all three class championships, Open Superstock, Open Mod Prod and Open Superbike.


I set 5 lap records this year. I have the Open Superstock, Open Modified Production and Open Superbike lap records on The Streets riding my ZX10. I also set the 550 Superbike and Formula Twins Lightweight lap records on the Willow Springs Classic Course (Big Track) riding the Advanced Kawasaki Ninja 650. So I’m the fastest guy on a big bike at the little track and the fastest guy on a little bike at the big track.


I also finished 12th in the Toyota 200 this year. All in all a good year and I’m looking forward to some new challenges next year.


Of course none of this success would have been possible without the help I got from my friends and sponsors (California Superbike School, Michelin, Advanced Kawasaki, TrackDayz, LPUSA, KBC and AGV Sport).

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