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I took my first Superbike class in 1982 or 83, I believe it was Kobi's first year with Keith. Since then I have logged many miles and put experience under my belt. What I had not done is truly stay in tune and in touch with Keith's methodology, science and mental focus on riding mainly due to my responsibilities at work. Luckily I have been able to make some changes at work and will now have more time to focus on my cornering skills. I hope to take all 4 of the riding classes in the very near future, get in some track days and in general greatly improve my cornering skills. Looking forward to discussing cornering topics with everyone.

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Welcome to the forum, bigdawg! Glad you could re-join us after such a long absence from the "scene".


As for "not staying in tune" over the years, I wouldn't worry about it. Judging by your photo, your body position looks picture perfect. Perhaps even a model for others to emulate...



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