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  1. I noticed he (and other racers) only drop their leg when they are braking very late and they are making a VERY quick steer and when it happens its usually always the same corner on that particular track. Perhaps when riding over the limit maybe? Anyone else notice the same? Heck, I think even Spies was doing this at Kyalami.
  2. I was fortunate enough to attend a 2-day camp at Streets of Willow and I must vouch for the steering drill. My coach, who was actually from the Oz SBK school, gave me some very informative advice and i wish i could go back for Levels 3 and 4!
  3. Thanks. I might consider the GPR but I must admit the top-mount Hyperpro does look a bit trick. Either way, they are all about the same price.
  4. I would like to know what the differences between the top-mount (ohlins,hyperpro,etc.) and the rotary type (GPR,Scotts,etc.) are and which one would be a better choice. One of my thoughts on the top-mount was that it might be more prone to damage in the case of a crash. I really liked the way the GPR damper felt while riding the schools bike but am just curious about my options. Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, I recently attended the 2-day school a few weeks ago (June 5-6). It was definitely a very exciting experience and the instructors were very informative with their coaching. My riding has completely changed and I am starting to realize that I don't want to ride on the streets anymore, so I am planning on converting my street bike for the track. I will surely be on these boards alot now asking questions about suspension setup and riding technique. Thanks!
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