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  1. A pic of Rowan exiting clearways at Brands what do you think as regards body position etc?
  2. Clutches are consumables how many times have you heard about Superbike riders not having enough clutch left for a second start, or burning it at the start. Expensive this race game eh!
  3. The three weeks between Donny and Anglesey were spent having a bit of R&R and repairing the truck which decided to break its exhaust manifold and ehaust on the journey to Donnington. A somewhat noisy journey home ensued, strangley it didn't seem to affect the old girl too much although hills became a bit more of an issue with no manifold pressure to charge the turbo!! Big thanks to Jim Archer at Cobra engineering for sorting out the maifold. The bike had a bit of a birthday with a good clean and new piston so we were already to go. Its a bit of a hike to get over to Anglesey, some
  4. SO straight back from Pembrey two days fettling then back on the road to Donington for a round of the Tsport championship as support to MOTOGP. Row has never been around the GP circuit and never ridden a GP125 around here plus the track was soaked for qualifying he qualified in an excellent 8th place on Thursday afternoon. However it was not without drama as Row went for a qualifying lap at the end and high sided himslef at Redgate! "I just overtook Sam (Burman) and tried to tap on the power, the bike snapped around then caught and chucked me off!! (Sam Burman went on to take pole) at leas
  5. After a 9 week recovery after breaking his arm it was back to the scene of the accident for the 13 year old Rowan Miller at Pembrey for a round of the NGRRC GP125 championship this weekend. After a somewhat frustrating Friday Rowan was only able to complete 7 laps due to inclement weather. This meant it was in at the deep end on Saturday on board the Turn1Racing RS125 Honda. The first time Rowan had raced this machine and with the limited running on Friday a base set up was still being found. In race 1 from 5th on the grid Rowan gradually reeled in the leaders and managed to grab the l
  6. If its tearing up the tyre, you have a set up problem, sounds like its squatting under power.
  7. Just to let you all know Rowan had a crash during the first race Saturday breaking his upper arm and fracturing his thumb. A somewhat fraught evening was spent at Carmarthen A&E, Rowan was discharged at 21:00, back at the tack by 22:00. Row is in good spirits and is already working on his recovery. Prognosis is 6-8 weeks. there goes the NG GP125 championship! Thanks for the email from Andy I aprreciate it... Gary and Row
  8. Hi Guys Just to let you know that Row Miller won his first GP125 outright two weeks ago at Pemberey excert from BSN 13 year old Rowan Miller was in well in the running after taking a fine win on his 125TZ Yamaha in the Refined Recruitment 125 GP final on Saturday. 4.5 seconds off the leaders early on he passed Alistair Ray, Philip Stiles, George Martindale, Sam Burman and Josh Henry Eversfield in the last two laps to take the win out of the final corner setting the fastest lap and crossing the line just 0.08 second ahead on his immaculate TZ. Rowan and reigning champion Corey Lewis held
  9. aebobby can you post a link to that page/site I have exchanged PM,s with Andy. Bear in mind that the post came as a result of a discussion with Rowan, and were his thoughts of the day and the follow up, they were not major critisms regarding the school. Gary
  10. Hi Guys you may have read elsewhere, my son (now 13) races over here in England, he has done the Level1 course with CSS and found it informative and educational, well worth the cost. With the amount of under 16's coming into the sport over here there may be an opportunity for CSS to get involved with teaching the youngsters and perhaps giving support during their formative years. The idea would be to nuture good habits/ technique from an early age. Think of the positive publicity available to CSS if they educated a youngster who was successful in the world stage. I advised the parents of
  11. If the rider is 5yrs old - get a peewee 50 find some scrap ground and let him/her ride!!, you will pretty soon know if you have some talent on your hands. If all is good then cast around for a local Motocross club (dirt is best for the littleuns) also look at Minimoto to get started on the pavement. I think its worth learning dirt first as it teaches the kids bike controll, my son did 3 years dirt first despite only ever wanting to get on the pavement, he proved pretty good on the dirt so we knew he could handle it. He has now won his first roadrace championship in his first year of racing.
  12. Big thanks to Andy and the gang, after 1 days tuition they identified two riding aspects for Rowan to work on. It really paid dividends as Rowan ran out winner in the above series with 5 race wins! beating the F125's on an 80cc Metrakit!! and was 2nd in the EMRA 80cc series depite only competing at 3 rounds!! Rowan also got through to the final round of Red Bull Rookies but was dissapointed not to be selected. Some photos Cadwell - the mountain The left hander at the bottom of the mountain Druids hairpibn - Brands Hatch And finally at hatchets hairpin - Pembre
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